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IHAC is your regional expert for testosterone and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women and men via a convenient telehealth platform

You Deserve Better - Hormone Therapy Formulated to be as individual as you are.

Hormone therapy can radically improve your life, but it requires expertise. Working with the right team is critical.

IHAC gets it right.

Hormone therapy is very effective at helping real people feel good, really good. There is no wonder new clinics are popping up. Recently, we have seen everyone from orthopedic providers to aestheticians selling hormones. Hey, we understand, a growing public demand can be an enticing business venture. But here is the thing no one is telling you: hormone therapy takes a high level of skill. It can be tricky for the unexperienced practitioner. There is a lot of nuance that goes into proper administration for each and every client. There are safety considerations, as well as medication and lifestyle factors. Choosing the right hormone therapy clinic is crucial. It is essential you have an experienced provider who will spend the time it takes to deliver the specialized care you require and deserve. We are steadfast in providing this standard of care for every patient, every time.

Men, you deserve to feel your best. Your loved ones want you to stay strong and healthy. Give your body what it needs. Hormone therapy may be the solution for you.

Women, we believe testosterone therapy is revolutionizing women’s healthcare and has the ability to restore your life. 

Experience what testosterone therapy can do for you.

Couples that pursue hormone therapy together experience the added benefit of complementary libidos, stamina, and overall energy. Check out our special membership rate for couples for more info.

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women’s hormonal health care

Most testosterone clinics do not focus on women. At IHAC, we are passionate about women’s hormonal health care. We start by validating you and your symptoms, providing a thorough education, and empowering you with high-quality treatment options.

Perhaps you are a woman suffering with menopausal symptoms and don’t know where to get help. You have been reading about the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), but your doctor does not have the time to discuss it, or conversation is uncomfortable. But… you don’t want to go to a “TRT Men’s Clinic” because those places scare you and, well, you are not a man. You need care in a particular way, and you are not alone. Millions of women are suffering needlessly just like you. For this reason, we have dedicated our time and resources to specialize in women’s BHRT.

You need it. We hear you. And we know how to help you.

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Pricing, Value, and Trust

Most hormone clinics do not post pricing on their website. Or the message is vague or worse, it’s misleading. From the beginning, we have clearly posted our membership fees in plain sight. When we realized we were the only clinic doing this, we doubled down and shared even more.

We are proud to be transparent because we believe our clinic is the best value you will find.

Our signature membership pairs BHRT with concierge medical services providing world-class service at an industry-scorching price.

Transparency throughout our company is a founding principle for the way we do things. Trust is important to us. We know it is important to you.

Check out our pricing page for a full breakdown of all costs.

There is something else different about us. We don’t sell products. For most companies, this is a major revenue stream. For us, it is a conflict of interest. We do not recommend products to bolster our sales margins. We recommend a product because it is the right one for your care, and we want you to feel confident in that. We negotiate the best prices with our suppliers and pass the savings on to you. Period. We want your trust, and we strive to earn it.

Read a message from the CEO and founder Bill White on cost transparency