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IHAC Membership Fee: $129/mo

Included in IHAC’s most popular membership:

  • All aspects of your hormone treatment skillfully managed and monitored on an-ongoing basis by a board-certified medical provider.
  • Access to bioidentical hormone products created in small-batch formulation assuring the highest level of purity, potency, and stability.
  • A roadmap to lifestyle strategies that support hormone optimization throughout your day and access to 1:1 nutritional and integrative support.
  • Concierge services providing convenient non-emergent primary medical care when you need it.
  • Non-opioid pain management by an experienced provider, giving you options.
  • Access to innovative therapies like BPC-157, ketamine, and enclomiphene, prescribed by a skilled provider.

Lab Pricing and Schedule:

You may bill your insurance to pay for your labs. Please bring your insurance information with you at the time of your lab draw. In many cases, insurance will cover your lab work subject to your typical copays.

As an alternative, if you do not have insurance, we offer reduced pricing on lab work. Should you elect to use this you can expect to pay $75-$65 for all necessary lab work.

A male’s typical lab draw schedule is once at intake, a second draw 30 days into therapy, and then every six months after that, or earlier based on treatment needs.

A female’s typical lab draw schedule is 30 days into her therapy, and then every six months after that, or earlier based on treatment needs. Delaying the first lab draw until after BHRT commences provides higher-quality clinical data for a woman’s therapy and reduces overall cost.

Occasionally, additional labs may be recommended and will be discussed with the patient prior to ordering.

Medication Pricing:

For men, in many cases, testosterone is covered by insurance subject to typical copays. Our front office will make every effort to obtain prior authorization for utilization of your benefits.

In general, insurance will not cover bioidentical hormone therapy for women. Until this changes, we have negotiated best pricing with our suppliers, passing that savings on to you.

We do not make a commission on the sale of medication or products.

For comparison, a 10ml bottle of testosterone cypionate costs our clients $56 for a 17-22 week supply, depending on dosage.

The female testosterone formulation costs approximately $40 for a supply that lasts 6 weeks-2 months, depending on dosage.

Bi-Est for women is approximately $34 for a 2-month supply.

Topical testosterone gel for males is approximately $45 at 200mg/ml for a 2-month supply.

Ketamine troches, vary in strength, $3.45 per 100mg troche.

Ketamine topical body gel, $55-$95 depending on dosage.

BPC-157 250mcg capsules quantity 180 for $125.

Enclomiphene Citrate 12.5mg capsules quantity 180 for $213

*All listed prices are up to date, and subject to change


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