Psychedelic Services

Psychedelic therapy has consistently demonstrated success rates much higher than medication and psychotherapy alone, or in combination, for treatment of mental health disorders. Ketamine’s unique mechanism of action can lead to rapid and profound improvements in mood, cognition, and emotional processing.

Currently, KAP (Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy) is the only treatment modality Integrated Health Alliance (IHAC) can offer; however, we are poised to offer additional alternatives such as psilocybin and MDMA once they are approved and legal in the United States.

IHAC is a direct primary care company that works closely with our mental health partners to provide the needed historical review, physical exam, and prescription for the facilitation of ketamine assisted psychotherapy. We recognize that most of the treatment is administered by our valued mental health partners who are pivotal to this collaboration. For this reason, we operate on a referral basis only, and provide expert care and consultation at minimal cost to the patient. Supporting our mental health partners in the effort to regain our country’s resilience is one of our greatest honors as a veteran owned company.

How this work:

    1. A qualified mental health provider will determine the need for psychedelic services for their patient referral.
    2. A collaboration agreement will be completed by Integrated Health Alliance Professional Corporation and the referring mental health provider. This step includes education on how to prescreen your client for the appropriateness of treatment.
    3. The mental health provider will then direct their patient referral to IHAC for registration and payment processing.
    4. The medical evaluation will be completed, and if indicated, a clearance letter will be provided to the mental health provider.
    5. The prescription will be sent once confirmation is received from the mental health provider. Prescriptions can be picked up at the compounding lab or sent via secure mail directly to the patient.

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