Special Membership Rate for Couples

We love our couples at IHAC! We believe hormone therapy is the new “couple’s therapy”, helping couples match their sexual energy, mental sharpness, and vitality for love and life!

We are pleased to offer a special membership rate to our partnered members.

Our premier individual membership rate is $129/mo, but when you join with your partner, you will each receive full benefits at just $200/mo total, which is more than a 20% savings!
  • All aspects of your hormone treatment skillfully managed and monitored on an-ongoing basis by a board-certified medical provider.
  • Access to bioidentical hormone products created in small-batch formulation assuring the highest level of purity, potency, and stability.
  • A roadmap to lifestyle strategies that support hormone optimization throughout your day and access to 1:1 nutritional and integrative support.
  • Access to concierge medical care for all non-emergent needs, including non-opioid pain management, medication refills, and alternative therapies like peptides and ketamine.

*Membership fees may be FSA/HSA eligible.

**Labs and medications billed separately. See our pricing page for more details. Some insurance companies may offer coverage. See pricing page.

***You may cancel at any time in writing. Your membership benefits will continue through the paid-for cycle and will not renew.

Please fill out one inquiry form per couple, but both partners will have to complete a separate registration process.

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