Testosterone Therapy

“The turnaround this process has provided pays dividends on a daily basis.”


The Power of Testosterone Therapy – Physician Directed Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When it comes to testosterone therapy there is a big difference between a low T clinic and a medically directed testosterone therapy program, and it may be the difference between failure and success of your testosterone therapy program

Our medical clinic provides more than just testosterone therapy for the men and women in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine, we provide hormone optimization for the whole body, and that is good news for your testosterone therapy program. This integrative approach combines the best of allopathic medicine (conventional medicine) with innovative therapies and lifestyle medicine. We believe this is the best standard of care, and you deserve the best.


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But What About Just Testosterone Therapy (TTh)? How Powerful Is That On Its Own?

One of the best sentiments ever produced on the benefits of testosterone therapy was penned in 1939. Men who received testosterone therapy reported being “Less broken in spirit”.

(Werner AA: The male climacteric. JAMA 1939; 112:1441–1443)

Less Broken in Spirit. Doesn’t that just resonate?

The will to live, the stamina to show up, the courage to continue. More than ever people are experiencing an onslaught of societal, environmental, and metabolic influences that seem to be driving us further and further away from our innate vitality. Testosterone has demonstrated over decades and decades, the ability to overcome this. That’s power.

Werner goes on to write, “All patients…. were more spontaneous in their interest and activity. They exhibited more rational aggressiveness and less irrational irritability and sullen brooding. Nervousness and emotional instability were replaced by greater stability and control. Abnormal physical and mental fatigability disappeared. Energy and stamina returned.”

Testosterone Therapy – What Does Modern Science Tell Us About The Power of Testosterone

What does modern science tell us about the power of testosterone therapy? We know that men with insufficient levels of testosterone have increased hospitalizations rates. Men that are treated with testosterone therapy have the same rate of hospitalization as men with adequate testosterone. I think we can all agree staying out of the hospital is a primary goal of healthy living. A study demonstrated that low-testosterone was an increased risk-factor for severity of Covid 19 infection, and these men were twice as likely to be hospitalized independent of other risk factors. (Dhindsa et al, JAMA Network Open. 2022;5(9):e2229747)

Are you starting to grasp the importance of adequate testosterone levels and the opportunity for vitality that testosterone therapy can offer you?

But what does our clinic consider “adequate” when treating men with testosterone? We often refer to the “finesse” our providers use when conducting TTh. Here that skill is on full display. We painstakingly monitor and adjust therapy to ensure you get to your therapeutic level, see the results you are looking for, and then, continue to see them. Spikes in therapeutic levels

Humans Have Different Setpoints And Responses To Testosterone Therapy.

Group means, or averages, cannot be reliably applied to the individual. Therapeutic levels have been poorly studied, and we know there is a huge variation in response. So much emphasis has been placed on guidelines, we have lost the human experience.

(Morgentaler, A. (2023, February). The Importance of Testosterone in Men’s Health. Testosterone Therapy and Sexual Dysfunction – Harvard Medical School Continuing Education. Orlando Fl.)

But not at Integrated Health, the human experience as it pertains to your testosterone therapy means everything, that’s why every program is started at a reasonable level based on labs, and we test shortly thereafter to dial in your specific numbers for successful treatment, and continue to fine tune as we move towards an overall optimum plan that will work for you over the long haul with all of the benefits you expect, and none of the failures you read about.

Our Providers Know That Lab Values Are Important, But The Stories And Experiences Of Our Clients Matter Greatly.

In addition to total testosterone values, your Free T (the part of your testosterone that is unbound and biologically active), and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), are assessed and carefully considered. Interestingly, you may have a “normal” total testosterone level, but if your Free T is low, or your SHBG is high, your testosterone level may be inadequate. This is a primary reason some people require more testosterone than others to have a therapeutic effect.

(Traish, A. (2023, February) History of Testosterone Therapy: Where Have We Been and Where are We Going?  Testosterone Therapy and Sexual Dysfunction – Harvard Medical School Continuing Education. Orlando Fl.)

Testosterone is a very useful option for treatment of men with obesity, type 2 diabetes, improved body composition, increased muscle mass, sexual health and performance, bone density, anemia and more. Testosterone exhibits anti-inflammatory action, providing lasting relief from chronic conditions.

(Traish, A. (2023, February) Is it Low T or Natural Aging? Testosterone Therapy and Sexual Dysfunction – Harvard Medical School Continuing Education. Orlando Fl.)

Simply Put, Testosterone Therapy Improves Quality Of Life, Your life!

This powerful potential is why our clinic starts your hormone therapy with testosterone, when indicated.

If you have symptoms of low energy, mood instability, low libido, sexual dysfunction, loss of muscle mass or difficulty adding mass, or emerging metabolic disease, you may be a candidate for TTh

Testosterone Therapy – The Integrated Health Approach To Testosterone Therapy And Hormone Optimization

Testosterone TherapyWe Start With Access.

Receiving quality care should not be limited by geography or lack of convenience. In addition to our Bedford NH based testosterone replacement and hormone optimization clinic, our physician directed team is online and ready to support every phase of your treatment via our telehealth platform. Our clients enjoy accessing medically directed care in such a convenient and flexible manner. Testosterone therapy on your terms, where and when you can best fit in your schedule!

Testosterone Therapy Great Testosterone Therapy Requires Great Communication.

People are unique, we want to know all about you. We start by gathering your history, symptoms, and goals. We will ascertain your lab values, so your provider is well-informed and able to expedite appropriate treatment at your first meeting. But we also know there is a lack of public information on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and our clients come with questions. Our providers will make sure you understand all about it so you can feel well-informed and confident in your choice.

Testosterone TherapyEffective Testosterone Therapy Requires Continuity.

Proper TRT involves the finesse of a skilled practitioner. Our goal is to keep you in a therapeutic range that significantly improves symptoms without going into a “supratherapeutic range”, which, if there for prolonged periods of time, can be problematic. Poorly supervised TRT can wreak havoc on your body. At IHAC we have incorporated a regiment of follow-ups and safety labs to make sure you stay in an optimal range. Our entire membership program is designed to nurture a strong provider-client relationship, and consistent positive results for you.

Testosterone Therapy We Know That Testosterone Isn’t The Only Hormone That Matters.

When testosterone is unbalanced, we tend to see other hormones unbalanced too. Testosterone therapy is a powerful catalyst for hormone optimization, but we want to make sure the rest of your hormones are balanced too, because everything works in concert and we want you to achieve all of your goals when it comes to your health. IHAC is proud to have an n staff Integrative Health team dedicated to supporting all your hormonal health needs. In addition to meeting with your provider, each client has the option to receive care and attention from our integrative team to address key lifestyle pillars and identify any additional labs or therapies that may be appropriate to achieve your goals. Our team works together to advocate for your best outcome, and that means taking care of all of you.

Reach out and get your assessment started today.

Telehealth and Your Hormone Replacement Therapy – Hormone Replacement and Optimization Therapy

Telehealth services are commonplace today, and for good reason, especially for patients seeking hormone replacement therapy and other hormone optimization services including TRT. Traditional brick and mortar medial offices tend to be placed in more populated areas with access to lots of patients, but this makes finding the best doctor and medical staff more of a geography issue than a medical one. You should be able to choose your medical providers based on who is best for the job, not based on proximity. It becomes an unfortunate barrier to quality healthcare. When selecting a medical team to care for your hormone replacement therapy (HRT), telehealth via physician directed organizations is a great option. You deserve access to MD directed quality care regardless of location. The laboratory values needed to optimize your HRT are easily obtained with standard labs at most collection facilities. Once we get you registered at our clinic, we will prepare your lab orders and send them to the draw station of your choice, and you can have them drawn at your convenience. Once we have your lab results, and you have been thoroughly evaluated for symptoms, an appropriate therapeutic course will be set for you.

Telehealth minimizes inconveniences to your life, while maximizing your access to quality medical management of all your hormone optimization needs.

Why Integrated Health Alliance for Your Testosterone and Hormone Therapy

Integrated Health is your regional expert in male and female hormone replacement therapy. In a world of ambiguity and uncertainty, we are crystal clear and focused on delivering world-class hormonal optimization services to you, including TRT for both men and women. We are physician directed, research guided, and invested in advancements in hormonal health.

Men, we will work to get you to that “sweet spot” where effort feels good again. Women we know you are often overlooked and underserved; not here.

Our treatment protocol ensures we don’t miss a thing when it comes to your hormonal health including important screening for treatable syndromes of hormone imbalance due to perimenopause and menopause, HSDD and GSM. Other clinics and medical offices simply don’t perform these screenings as due course. We don’t see how you can overlook these screenings, it’s vital to your overall health.

When you seek us out for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), it doesn’t stop there. Each of our clients has the option to receive care and attention from our integrative hormonal care team. We have an arsenal of holistic and therapeutic options to help your body do what it does best.

In addition, our providers deliver concierge care for most medical needs you may have. All of this is included in your Integrated Health $129.00 mo. membership fee, and provided in the convenience of our telehealth platform.

Concierge Medicine – Just One Additional Benefit You Won’t Get Any Where Else – Included With Your $129.00 Monthly Membership

Your membership at Integrated Health provides you the best in hormone therapy replacement including testosterone replacement (TRT) for both men and women, but it provides much, much more. As a member you have access to a variety of specialists to help support the foundation of your good health. From hormone assessments to nutrition guidance, to other health related issues like sleep irregularities, chronic pain and more, can all be addressed by our staff. 

Our concierge medicine benefit helps with many health issues and needs, and it’s all included in your low monthly membership fee. Just a few are listed below.

  • UTI’s
  • Acute and chronic pain management
  • Skin rashes (poison ivy, hives etc.)
  • Dental infections
  • Lab tests and screening
  • Sinus infections
  • Cellulitis
  • Acute or chronic mold exposure
  • Autoimmune challenges
  • Prescription refills
  • Travel Health Challenges
  • Orders and Member Discounts for MRIs, CT Scans, and X-rays
  • & Much More