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“Working with Integrated Health Alliance and incorporating testosterone therapy/hormone optimization into my day has been a game changer for me!”

Laura-Beth Ulwick

When it Comes to TRT for Women in Simsbury CT, Don’t be Left Behind – We Offer one of the Most Specialized Women’s TRT programs Found Anywhere, and it Includes Overall Hormone Therapy

Unlike other women’s TRT clinics, we don’t leave our women behind, it would be unthinkable, because TRT for women in Simsbury CT can be as beneficial as it is for men, for women – At IHAC, TRT for Women in Simsbury CT is a main focus, not an add on to men’s health

TRT for Women in Simsbury CT, and women’s overall hormone therapy is overlooked at almost every primary, and women’s care, medical practices in existence. They simply don’t, or won’t, take the time to understand how beneficial it can be, and to learn how to administer an optimized women’s TRT and hormone therapy and replacement program for their women patients.

Back to women’s TRT in Simsbury CT. From the beginning, to the end, women are overlooked and left out of the TRT conversation. But the truth is, there are very few conversations happening at all, be them about TRT for women, or hormones in general. You guessed it, I’m talking about hormones and testosterone replacement therapy for women. More specifically, the hormonal ruckus that comes sometime after you turn 30, and lasts until, you know, forever.


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TRT for Women in Simsbury CT and Hormone Therapy Why Don’t They Talk About This Stuff?

We know YOU are talking about this topic quite a bit, with your girlfriends over wine, at the yoga studio, and over Instagram chats. Finding solace and validation that you are not, in fact, crazy, and yes, your body is not the same as it used to be. But again, why are none of the doctors and medical staff taking care of us talking about Women’s health issues and potentially life changing therapies like TRT, and hormone therapy and replacement for women.

TRT for Women in Simsbury CT and Hormone Therapy Shouldn’t We Be Having These Discussions At Our Doctor’s Offices?

Yes. But nary a mention of TRT for women in Simsbury CT, or of women’s hormone therapy in general for that matter. These conversations are simply not happening. We want to have them. Some of us are brave enough to say the “h” word, but then it drops from our lips to the cold linoleum floor. Our doctor’s mean well, but most are over-worked with no time to devote to it. And besides, TRT for women and hormonal health therapy and replacement are not taught in medical schools. A 2019 Mayo Clinic survey found that less than 7% of general practitioners are equipped to handle hormone health including TRT for women. Simply put, they just don’t know.

TRT for Women in Simsbury CTRobust, Supporting Research In TRT For Women in Simsbury CT, And Women’s Hormone Therapy Has Existed Since The 1930’s

You know what is wild? There was robust research and innovation in hormone therapy for women, including testosterone replacement therapy for women (TRT), since the 1930’s! Their findings included “All patients acknowledge great feeling of wellbeing, more balanced moods and clear thinking” and “increased sexual libido and a sense of well-being was notably present in each patient”. They had gathered so much research, that by 1947 it was reported “The literature which has accumulated is now sufficiently extensive to permit a tentative evaluation of the present status of androgens as therapeutic agents in women.”

TRT for Women in Simsbury CTNothing Has Changed With Regards To Women’s TRT And Hormonal Support In Lieu Of This Information – Go Figure

Yet, fast forward to present-day, a lack of information and clear direction still persists. The FDA has taken very little effort to rectify this, and to date, there are ZERO FDA-approved testosterone formulations for women (and yet there are 30+ approved formulations for men, as well as a suite of male sexual health meds, but hey, are we really surprised?). There is this general belief that female hormonal health, and certainly their sexual health, is somehow less relevant after their child-bearing years have passed. We adamantly disagree. Women, we need TRT and hormonal support to be commonplace, so we reap all of the same benefits our male counterparts and partners do.

TRT for Women in Simsbury CTSo What’s the Deal?

In 2002 all innovation, and hormone prescriptions, came to a quick and sudden halt after the Women’s Health Initiative study reported an increased risk for cancer and cardiovascular events for female’s receiving hormone replacement therapy, obscuring the fact that the reported excess risk was clinically meaningless, at just two events per 1,000 person-years. The therapy in question was a conjugated estrogen pill created from mare urine. Numerous follow-up studies failed to support these findings, and in fact, we now have 2 long-term studies showing TRT has breast protective benefits for women.

Nonetheless, the media went into a full frenzy and massive damage was done. Women lost access to the care they needed. What’s new.

As a result, women have been suffering needlessly for decades without access to women’s TRT and hormonal therapy treatments and options.

We fully agree with Harvard Universities, Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, urologist and TRT pioneer, “The true outrage is that social forces and hysteria have combined to deprive men and women of a useful treatment without regard for medical science.”

TRT for Women in Simsbury CTWe Are On A Mission To Help Our Women, You, Feel And Be Better!

The team at IHAC is on a mission to bring the education, and this needed therapy, back into the hands, and bodies, of women across the country

TRT for Women in Simsbury CTWe May Need It More Than Men! It’s True!

Women experience significant hormonal shifts throughout their lives. From the rigors of puberty, and the duty of menses, to child-bearing and eventual menopause. WOMEN GO THROUGH IT. And for the most part, this is the “normal” hormonal stuff. But we are not done. Add in the hormone-shifting effects of nutrition, stress, chemicals, lack of sleep, medication, and let’s not forget birth control, we are in a hormonal sandstorm. Moreover, many women suffer with diseases of the endocrine system such as PCOS and thyroid disease, and complications such as insulin resistance, estrogen dominance, and vaginal dryness. Is there any wonder why women everywhere are talking about hormones!? They need real help, and fast. TRT for women in Simsbury CT and hormonal therapy, replacement and optimization can help. Getting access to it will help. Integrated Health Alliance can help you on your journey back to optimal health! TRT for women in Simsbury CT can be a game changer in their quality of life.

TRT for Women in Simsbury CTBioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) - Help Has Arrived.

So much emphasis has been placed on estrogen pills and patches. While estrogen has its place (we will chat later) at IHAC, we are especially passionate about the other anabolic hormone, you know, the one that the guys seem to have all the fun with? Testosterone. TRT for women in Simsbury CT and women’s BHRT can level the playing field, get you healthy, and make you happy once again.

Testosterone is an essential male and female hormone. It is a human hormone. Did you know that women have 10x more testosterone than estrogen? It’s true! Testosterone is the hormone of creation and vitality. Your body is full of androgenic receptors (ARs) in areas like your immune and reproductive system, the gut and your muscles. When testosterone binds to these receptors, powerful action takes place on the cellular level, helping every system in your body perform best.

Testosterone improves libido, including vaginal moisture, arousal, and satisfaction. Testosterone improves body composition, increasing muscle mass and reducing fat. Testosterone improves metabolic health, anemia, and bone density. Testosterone is beneficial for mental and emotional health, energy, and stamina. As previously discussed, testosterone has demonstrated cardio and breast protective benefits. Testosterone makes effort feel good, and when that feels good, everything you do feels better.

Women can start to experience the effects of perimenopause in their 30’s, but most start in their 40’s. Symptoms such as loss of libido, brain fog, midsection weight gain, inability to lose weight, vaginal dryness and pain, loss of muscle mass and energy. These symptoms can continue to worsen until many years after menopause. So how does testosterone, or more appropriately, TRT for women in Simsbury CT help?

TRT for Women in Simsbury CTFinally Some Clarification & Direction On Women’s TRT

Champion of women’s health, firecracker and urologist Dr. Rachel Rubin made a very poignant observation. She noticed that many of the symptoms women suffer from are the same symptoms that men with testosterone deficiency suffer with. She describes menopause as being an “androgen deficiency syndrome”. Finally, some clarification and direction. Thank you, Rachel.

TRT for Women in Simsbury CT IHAC Can Help And We Can’t Stop Talking About It!

At IHAC we help women replenish their testosterone levels with a low-dose bioidentical cream. We source our therapeutics from a local, trusted compounding pharmacies that pride themselves in going the extra mile for safety and efficacy. In addition, we screen women for other syndromes of menopause including Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) and Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM). Both of which are well-addressed with TRT and a dab of localized estrogen cream. Despite the prevalence of these conditions, most women are never checked for them. Again, conversations not being had. At our clinic, we can’t stop talking about it.

TRT for Women in Simsbury CTWe Don’t Stop There, Complete Hormone Integrative Care To Level The Playing Field

Since you likely have more than one hormonal issue going on, IHAC offers not only TRT for women in Simsbury CT, but comprehensive hormone integrative care as well. We care about you, all of you, so we will address it all. From managing estrogen dominance, to chronic stress and environment induced imbalances, our team will work together to make sure your whole health is being cared for. Whether it’s nutritional or lifestyle adjustments, additional hormone therapies or medications, we got you covered. This is a unique benefit included in your IHAC membership. We wouldn’t want to care for you any other way.

Come, talk with us. We are listening, and we are ready to help.

Telehealth and Your Testosterone Treatment – Hormone Replacement and Optimization Therapy

Telehealth services are commonplace today, and for good reason, especially for patients seeking testosterone replacement therapy and other hormone optimization services. Traditional brick and mortar medial offices tend to be placed in more populated areas with access to lots of patients, but this makes finding the best doctor and medical staff more of a geography issue than a medical one. You should be able to choose your medical providers based on who is best for the job, not based on proximity. It becomes an unfortunate barrier to quality healthcare. When selecting a medical team to care for your testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), telehealth via medically directed organizations is a great option. You deserve access to MD directed quality care regardless of location. The laboratory values needed to optimize your TRT are easily obtained with standard labs at most collection facilities. Once we get you registered at our clinic, we will prepare your lab orders and send them to the draw station of your choice and at your convenience. Once we have your lab results, and you have been thoroughly evaluated for symptoms, an appropriate therapeutic course will be set for you.

Telehealth minimizes inconveniences to your life, while maximizing your access to quality medical management of all your hormone optimization needs.

Why Integrated Health Alliance for Your Testosterone and Hormone Therapy

Integrated Health Alliance Corporation (IHAC) is your regional expert in male and female testosterone replacement, and overall hormonal therapy. In a world of ambiguity and uncertainty, we are crystal clear and focused on delivering world-class hormonal optimization services to you. We are medically directed, research guided, and invested in advancements in hormonal health.

Men, we will work to get you to that “sweet spot” where effort feels good again.

Women we know you are often overlooked and underserved; not here. We have created special processes to make sure we don’t miss a thing when it comes to your hormonal health including important screening for treatable syndromes of hormone imbalance due to perimenopause and menopause, HSDD and GSM. Other clinics and medical offices simply don’t perform these screenings as due course. We don’t see how you can overlook these screenings, it’s vital to your overall health.

When you seek us out for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), it doesn’t stop there. Each of our clients receives care and attention from our integrative hormonal care team. We have an arsenal of holistic and therapeutic options to help your body do what it does best.

In addition, our providers deliver concierge care for most medical needs you may have. All of this is included in your IHAC membership and provided in the convenience of our telehealth platform.

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A Clinical History of Women’s TRT

We have known since the 1930’s that testosterone therapy, TRT, was used in treatment of gynecological issues including symptoms of menopause syndrome.

  1. 1940 in the British Medical Journal Alfered Loeser wrote of women on androgen therapy, “All patients acknowledge great feeling of wellbeing, more balanced moods and clear thinking; and some profess also a greater determination.”
  2. 1941 Greenblatt et al. in Southern Surgeon writes “Incidentally, increased sexual libido, and a sense of well-being was notably present in each patient.”
  3. 1947 Carter et al. in the Journal of Vitamins and Hormones wrote, “In the intervening decade they have been widely used in the management of a variety of derangements of female sexual physiology and more recently for numerous metabolic disorders. The literature which has accumulated is now sufficiently extensive to permit a tentative evaluation of the present status of androgens as therapeutic agents in women.”
  4. In the 1980’s a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study by Sherwin et al., showed that menopausal women treated with androgen therapy had a significant improvement in sexual desire and arousal over women being treated with estrogen alone.
  5. In 2003 the Journal of the North American Menopause Society Goldstat et al. writes, “Testosterone therapy improves well-being, mood, and sexual function in pre-menopausal women with low libido and low testosterone.”
  6. In 2006 the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism Miller et al. conducted the first randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to show a positive effect of testosterone on bone density, body composition, and neurobehavioral function in women with severe androgen deficiency.”

Are we really surprised?

The findings of the WHI and follow-up studies showing TRT has both breast and cardioprotective benefits.

  1. In 2002 the Women’s Health Initiative started a media frenzy when they concluded hormonal therapies were unsafe, despite data that failed to arrive to significant consensus, and follow-up studies that failed to support those conclusions.
  2. In 2021 the results of the largest long-term study, The Testosterone Therapy and Breast Cancer Incidence Study, demonstrated that testosterone or combination T/E therapy significantly reduced the incidence of BC in pre- and post-menopausal women. This is the second multi-year long-term study demonstrating that testosterone demonstrates breast protective benefits.
  3. 2009 Journal of Impotence Research, Maggio et al., low serum testosterone levels are an independent risk factor of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality.
  4. 2011 Journal of American College Cardiology, Ohlsson et al., higher serum testosterone levels are associated with a reduced risk of fatal and nonfatal CV events in community dwelling elderly men.
  5. 2015 Mayo Clinical Proceedings, Morgentaler et al., “In summary, there is no convincing evidence of increased CV risks with T therapy. On the contrary, there appears to be a strong beneficial relationship between normal T and CV health that has not yet been widely appreciated.”